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integrate elasticsearch realtime indexing to your Rails application

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Integrate the elasticsearch library into Rails.


class Blog < ActiveRecord::Base

results = 'foo'


  • fast. fast! FAST! 30% faster than rubberband on average.
  • active record callbacks automatically keep search index up to date as your data changes
  • out of the box background indexing of data using backgrounded. Don't lock up a foreground process waiting on a background job!
  • integrates with will_paginate library for easy pagination of search results


# Bundler Gemfile
gem 'elastic_searchable'


# config/initializers/elastic_searchable.rb
# (optional) customize elasticsearch host
# default is localhost:9200
ElasticSearchable.base_uri = 'server:9200'


  • Fork the project
  • Fix the issue
  • Add unit tests
  • Submit pull request on github

See CONTRIBUTORS.txt for list of project contributors


Copyright (c) 2011 Socialcast, Inc. See LICENSE.txt for further details.

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