How to do callbacks in C++11.
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Callbacks in C++


The examples in this repository show how callbacks can be implemented in C++. A C++11 capable compiler is required, such as GCC or Clang.

The first example shows how std::function can be used as a callback. This is a common approach that is simple and works in many cases.

The second example shows how std::function callbacks can be stored in a collection (an std::vector in this case).

The third example shows how to create overloaded wrapper functions to invoke different types of callbacks.

The fourth example shows how different types of callbacks (i.e. callbacks with different types of arguments) can be stored in a single collection (a std::map in this case).

Please see the implementation in the respective files. You may use the example code freely in your code.


Each example file is a self contained C++ program with a main() function. The following command can be used to compile and run the examples. The command is for the first example and the Clang compiler.

clang++ -std=c++11 -o callback1