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vSphere Migration Toolkit
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The vSphere Migration Toolkit is a community-created and supported PowerShell module that provides a set of tools to facilitate the migration of Microsoft Windows workloads into vSphere.



When migrating workloads running Windows Server operating systems from a physical machine or another hypervisor into vSphere, there are several post-migration tasks that are commonly performed manually to complete the migration procedure. This module offers a toolset to facilitate those tasks in order to reduce downtime for the services provided by the workload.


    1. Powershell 4.0
    2. PowerCLI
    3. Administrative credentials to the vSphere environment as well as within the OS of the target workload

Available Commands

Command Migration Phase Description
Get-IPInfo Pre-Migration Collects all IP information from all network adapters, and exports them to a CSV
Set-IPInfo Post-Migration Injects the IP information harvested from Get-IPInfo into the migrated machine
Convert-SCSItoParavirtual Post-Migration Converts the SCSI controller used by a VM to the Paravirtual class


1.0.0 First official release with three available commands: Get-IPInfo, Set-IPInfo, and Convert-SCSItoParavirtual


Author: Wes Milliron

Future releases will include
- Get-Help information for each cmdlet
- Support for running multiple workloads in parallel
- Additional cmdlets, including removing absent ("ghost") hardware, etc.
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