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Internal/development version of the next WooCommerce REST API release.
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WooCommerce API Dev

This is a repository for the development version of the WooCommerce REST API. This feature plugin provides a place where the next version of the WooCommerce REST API can be worked on, independent of the current WooCommerce release cycle. These changes are brought over to WooCommerce core when they are ready for release.

  • Current stable API version: v2.
  • Current development version: v3.


Please read the WooCommerce contributor guidelines for more information how you can contribute.

Endpoints are located in the api/ folder. Endpoints inherit from the stable version of the endpoint. If you need to change the behavior of an endpoint, you can do so in these classes. You can also introduce new endpoints by adding them to the root plugin file wc-api-dev.php (mirrors core's class-wc-api.php).

phpunit tests for the API are located in the tests/unit-tests/ folder and are also merged and shipped with WooCommerce core. You can use the same helpers/framework files that core uses, or introduce new ones.

Run tests using phpunit in the root of this folder. Code coverage reports can be ran with phpunit --coverage-html /tmp/coverage.


For strings located in API endpoints, use woocommerce as your text-domain. These endpoints will at some point be merged back into WooCommerce Core.

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