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MailFace Ruby SDK

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MailFace is an API for mailing your face to any email address. With one simple API call you can send your face and get first class delivery.

For more details see the Ruby documentation on


This gem requires Ruby 2.1+. You can install install it directly or via bundler.

gem install 'mailface'

Next: Get Started with the Ruby SDK.

Getting Started

To send your first face via email you will need to register for MailFace and set up your first application.

mailface ={
  app_id: '[YOUR_APP_ID]',
  api_key: '[YOUR_API_KEY]',
  api_secret: '[YOUR_API_SECRET]'

  email: '',
  face: 'path/to/yourface.png'

Next: Learn more about our sending faces with our Ruby SDK.


The client follows the 12-factor apps principle and can be either set directly or via environment variables.

# Initialize using parameters
mailface = '...', api_key: '...', api_secret: '...')

# Alternative: Initialize using environment variables
mailface =

Your credentials can be found on the MailFace dashboard. Sign up for an account today.

Next: Learn more about our initializing the Ruby SDK in our documentation.


MailFace is a powerful tool and our documentation is here to get you started today.

Alternatively, head over to our Reference documentaton for in-depth information about every SDK method, it's arguments and return types.


Want to contribute to this library? Read our contributor guidelines to get set up.


This library is released under the MIT License.


Our developer support team is here to help you. You can find us on Twitter, StackOverflow, and email.