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The parts that are working can be inferred from the demos.

HwCpp (Hardware-C++) is a header-only C++ close-to-the-hardware library for writing micro-controller applications. It uses modern C++ features (C++17 and concepts) to enable efficient code re-use. It relies heavily on unicorns.

The typical blink-a-LED application using HwCpp is:

#include "hwcpp.hpp"

using target = hwcpp::target<>;
using timing = target::waiting;

int main(){ 
   hwcpp::blink< target::led, timing::ms< 200 > >();

(This assumes that the target has a default LED, which is the case for the usual suspects like the Arduino Uno, Arduino Due and Blue Pill boards.)


  • attic : junk from that past that I might need one time
  • demo : demonstration projects, organized by target
  • include : the peripheral chips supported by the library
  • tests : tests, organized by target


  • license_1_0.txt : boost license
  • hwcpp-documentation.docx : HwCpp documentation
  • : add the settings for this library (for bmptk)
  • : build dependencies on other libraries and bmptk
  • : this file

The compilers I currently use are (gcc 7.2.0):

Notes & ToDo

  • make blink, fast
  • due pcf8591
  • due compile all
  • blue pill compile all
  • port fanout now takes n-pins from the first, should be max?
  • check
  • ipv st-proprietary
  • direct LCD's dont work - but pcf8574 works!
  • pin_out from port, writes to all?
  • console sub-consoles?
  • test pin in!
  • test uart input, for all targets
  • formatted int out: remove redundancies
  • software xmit uart
  • cortexes busy wait (without timer)
  • dacs
  • other uarts
  • check arduino shield: should be 16x2?
  • updater: TOC & ch numbering. ignore title
  • updater: copyright, etc
  • add 'number of loops' to blink, kitt, walk
  • combine mirror and invert mechanics?
  • ws2812 doesn't work??
  • due in-line delays only up to 6, stm32 up to 10
  • suppress stm32 asm warning
  • better rationale & test for the borders and fuzz factors of the delays
  • construction a cto gives 'use of a deleted function'
  • stm32 short waiting & timing verification
  • stm32 divisr for ADC
  • stm32 UART
  • stm32 field_set re-use??
  • due last_low == global??
  • stm32f030
  • check & scavenge
  • scavenge
  • scavenge
  • 84 MHz rolls over in 5 sec??
  • add timing (NAME!!) for cortexes
  • set_direct should be internal (start with _)
  • backpack is not a shield, "modules"??
  • fanout moet gebufferd -> done, check
  • port_from_buffers now only oc, needs pins
  • stm32 uart, adc, full-speed
  • avr return -> 2 sources kan niet meer
  • re-create duplicate concept problem
  • arduino uno longer waits take 8-byte arithmetic, even when constant
  • concepts for duration are not complete
  • concepts for box builder parameter
  • format STM32 HAL
  • sam8 restore timing
  • usae auto instead of _vt for reading
  • stream-object strlen should be from c lib
  • stream builder should use _box_builder
  • dummies and variable versions for adc and dac
  • port-from-pins: terminology for 'recurse'?
  • use dummies as recursion endpoints
  • immplement pin-variables (or => box?)
  • port-fixed, or should that be part of box?
  • concept for a box-foundation?
  • fanout< pin... > now has a write function :(
  • box creator => bs creator??
  • relation between blocking and buffering?
  • macro for the no-inline specializations? also for buffering, invert, creators
  • targets should have multiple-inclusion guards?
  • strakkere naamgeving voor is_*, roots, larva's, creators
  • automagic run at end of main
  • allocate list of callbacks
  • what does refresh() mean for a stream?
  • lcd 16x2 separate test
  • ostream negative int formatting is weird (neg / %)
  • pull-up / pull-down < resistance? >
  • rescale an interval box to a new scale
  • box creator 149 unneedeed
  • adapt oc pin to in-out
  • flatten == inline inside a function
  • the box adapters (in_out => out) set the dircetion, but NOT DIRECT
  • tests for non-existing-ness
  • re-rechk INLINE, should inits be ALWAYS_INLINE at all (maybe never)?
  • box buffered/direct : can't be done on top of each other....
  • box : fixed value, variable / reference ?, select, combine, moving_average
  • box : average, limit, add, multiply, scale, linear_transform
  • invert heeft nix met box te maken, kan ook voor stream ;)
  • tabs => spaces
  • thing that you decorate => minion
  • use MHz etc for target frequencies?
  • verder met box-adapters (welke precies mogen blijft aan de concrete boxes)
  • file pin-utilities for things that trivally inherit from box
  • dummies now need the pin adapters (or make that box adapters??)
  • likewise for var-store
  • target at328p should use usbaspd
  • need a reverse-invert for non-idem-reversible ones?
  • pcf8591 => test with resistors
  • adc, joystick, joystick-button, => xy buttons
  • adc ==> subrange input box => can invert!
  • concepts should also test for the static const members
  • HWLIB_TRACE : hwlib::cout :(
  • tests demos should be moved to test?
  • what is the due start-up frequency? => test reasonable toggle?
  • fixed-out pins/ports to hwcpp
  • // #undef putc in hwcpp-all.hpp
  • remove redundancy from port concepts => ask Chiel
  • a way to bundle pins without making the object? (for optional parts like on the JS shield)
  • switch to other joystick shield, needs more distinctive name
  • put or putc ? => write
  • get from stream can use 'none' value, or maybe std::optional?
  • due pin should disable adc of that pin
  • bmptk has a problem with G++ := as was used in arduino uno
  • joystick abstraction, scaling, run-time ratio
  • use loop instead of recursion for port creators
  • port variables
  • likewise for I2C and SPI pins: appropriate type
  • dac & adc buffering
  • never use int, long, etc.
  • chips (& other targets) must have a freq constant
  • check uno a/d conversion frequency -> document
  • print other things (various ints), test (ostream)
  • put all stream functionality in a class, using print(..), stream object is a shallow wrapper
  • ostream only for a char-pipe (uart is a full pipe)
  • i2c timing profiles, should support narrowing
  • idem for SPI!
  • ostream ipv make_ostream, console?? any order? or ostream_object<>? or object<>?
  • port now has only set_direct (used in hd44780)
  • 8574 / hd44780 interface
  • extend ostream (& tests)
  • extend string (& tests)
  • check everything for constexpr
  • check everything for inline
  • string<> possible?
  • all BUT THE TOP functions in composed ports hould be HWLIB_INLINE
  • use a marker for string and reverse compare
  • rewrite ostream tests to use string, and compare with std::ostream
  • stm full speed
  • pcf857a: needs create_a_port like for pins (check & extend)
  • to kitt this: needs port_out from port_oc (check & extend)
  • correct pin list for STM chip and for blue pill
  • avr8 limits correct & add
  • avr8 timer-based wait
  • bmptk-build for demo (or even for all)
  • macro for one-time initialization? init(){ call_once< init_proper >(); }
  • port, I2C, PCF8574A
  • graphics, name problem!, OLED, 84x48
  • max toggle frequency, very short waits, busy waits
  • check blue pill default & fast clocks
  • SysTick use can be generalized
  • make HAL port/pin interfaces more regular, use mask in other targets
  • enumerate more pins (uno & due OK)
  • target frequencies => due startup??
  • show code, dseg, dss sizes from bmptk
  • reinterpret a pin_in_out to something different (so only one to define)
  • add author info, history, copyright to each file
  • add header to demo's
  • string! but be polite and print to std::cout too
  • buffer/direct decorators
  • compare code & size with OO-approach
  • document with standardese?
  • check the timing, STM32 base is OK
  • error message are totally unfriendly
  • complete ports, direct/buffered
  • analog inputs
  • macro MAKE_MARKER ?
  • invert_value separate bool version needed?
  • check
  • can a use<> force the use of the arguments?
  • i2c timing, should be part of the bus definition, check in the chip
  • handling of pull-up/pull-down (always direct...) disable always possible?
  • mention the paranoia-2 profiel
  • rename files to hwcpp- ??
  • bmptk native does compile the fixed stack??
  • mine Quora for C++ small embedded proponents

(c) Wouter van Ooijen (, 2017

Except for the exceptions below, HwCpp is distributed under the Boost Software License, Version 1.0. (See accompanying file LICENSE_1_0.txt or copy at


  • targets/ is (c) Atmel (now Microchip), asf license.
  • the hwcpp-documentation document is under CC BY-NC 2.5.


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