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An Asynchronous HTTP Library for Android
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Asynchronous Http Client for Android

An asynchronous, callback-based Http client for Android built on top of Apache's HttpClient libraries.


  • Make asynchronous HTTP requests, handle responses in anonymous callbacks
  • HTTP requests happen outside the UI thread
  • Requests use a threadpool to cap concurrent resource usage
  • GET/POST/PUT/PATCH params builder (RequestParams)
  • Multipart file uploads with no additional third party libraries
  • Tiny size overhead to your application, only 19kb for everything
  • Automatic smart request retries optimized for spotty mobile connections
  • Automatic gzip response decoding support for super-fast requests
  • Optional built-in response parsing into JSON (JsonHttpResponseHandler)
  • Optional persistent cookie store, saves cookies into your app's SharedPreferences

Documentation, Features and Examples

Full details and documentation can be found on the project page here:

Installation notes

If you want to use the HTTP PATCH-methods you have to include the httpclient-4.2.2.jar or newer. This makes the required HttpPatch-class available to the library as this class is not included by default on Android.

Note that all other HTTP methods are available without adding the httpclient to your project.

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