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The official repository for the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model
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.github Add more developers to CODEOWNERS file (#889) May 15, 2019
arch Cray: gcc -> cc (#826) Mar 20, 2019
doc Update WRFDA v4.1 READMEs (#883) Apr 12, 2019
dyn_em Bucket fixes: rain is more conventional, flux arrays are allocated (#944 Jul 2, 2019
dyn_nmm Update RRMTG cloud overlap method (#759) Jan 31, 2019
external Finish the quieting of "./clean -a" (#789) Feb 26, 2019
frame Local CPP includes should use quotes, not angle brackets (#909) May 31, 2019
inc update README and inc/version_decl for release-v4.1.2 (#947) Jul 11, 2019
main Fix vertical refinement, broken from v4.0 through v4.1 (#901) Jun 3, 2019
run Adding new and correct changed options (#946) Jul 2, 2019
test Use urban modules to define run-time configuration dimensions (#878) Apr 10, 2019
tools Reduce std out from ./clean (#773) Feb 13, 2019
var Fix 4DVAR build failure after commit 56d4bef (#928) Jun 16, 2019
wrftladj BF: WRFPlus TL version of first_rk_step_part2 requires updated argume… Apr 12, 2019
.gitignore Git-specific updates: Adding new .gitignore files and rules, updating… Dec 16, 2016
LICENSE.txt Adding an official LICENSE file to the top level directory (#738) Dec 19, 2018
Makefile In top-level Makefile, put required run dir file links to test/em_real ( Apr 2, 2019
README update README and inc/version_decl for release-v4.1.2 (#947) Jul 11, 2019 addition of file with quick info for users (#755) Jan 4, 2019
clean Remove the *.dSYM directories from Darwin when "clean" command issued ( Apr 2, 2019
compile Fix compile script to print model version, due to new version_decl fo… Jul 1, 2019
configure Enforce conditional use of IEEE Fortran 2003 capabilities in v4.1 God… May 31, 2019

WRF-ARW Modeling System

We request that all new users of WRF please register. This allows us to better determine how to support and develop the model. Please register using this form:

For an overview of the WRF modeling system, along with information regarding downloads, user support, documentation, publications, and additional resources, please see the WRF Model Users' Web Site:

Information regarding WRF Model citations (including a DOI) can be found here:

The WRF Model is open-source code in the public domain, and its use is unrestricted. The name "WRF", however, is a registered trademark of the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research. The WRF public domain notice and related information may be found here:

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