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Unofficial EmailOctopus API Wrapper

An unofficial promise-based wrapper for the EmailOctopus API. It also includes methods to automatically generate campaigns, which is currently not supported by the official API.

Getting Started

  1. npm install email-octopus
  2. Include email-octopus as a dependency
  3. Initialize wrapper using your API Key (optionally include username and password if you want to create campaigns)

Example Code


var eo = require('email-octopus);
var apiKey = 'yourKey';
var username = 'username';
var password = 'password';
var emailOctopus = new eo.EmailOctopus(apiKey, username, password);

Add a contact to a list:

var listId = 'some-uuid-for-this-list'
var options = {
    email_address: ''
    first_name: 'John',
    last_name: 'Doe'

emailOctopus.lists.contacts.create(listId, options).then(function() {
    console.log('contact added');

Create a campaign (warning: unofficially supported by mimicking website flow):

var campaignOptions = {
  name: 'My First Automated Campaign',
  subject: 'Hello Subscribers!',
  fromName: 'Johnny Marketer',
  fromEmailAddress: '', // must be validated by AWS
  openTrackingEnabled: true,
  linkClickTrackingEnabled: true,
  toPersonalisationEnabled: true
var campaignHtml = 
    '<!DOCTYPE html><html>' + 
        '<head><title>My Campaign</title></head>' +
        '<body style="font-family: Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;">' + 
            '<p>Hello world.</p>' +
        '</body>' + 

emailOctopus.campaigns.create(campaignOptions, campaignHtml).then(function() {
    console.log('campaign created!');


For full documentation with parameter specs, see the source file or the EmailOctopus API (v1.1) docs. The options parameter always maps to the parameters section for the corresponding endpoint in the official documentation.


  • lists.get([listId], [options])
  • lists.create(options)
  • lists.update(options)
  • lists.delete(listId)
  • lists.find(list) - Helper function to find a list given a list object (e.g., {name: 'My Precious List'})


  • lists.contacts.get(listId, [contactId], [options])
  • lists.contacts.create(listId, options)
  • lists.contacts.update(listId, contactId, options)
  • lists.contacts.delete(listId, contactId)
  • lists.contacts.find(listId, contact) - Helper function to find a contact given a listId and a contact object (e.g., {email_address: ''})


  • campaigns.get([campaignId], [options])
  • campaigns.create(options, html) - Unofficial function that mimics the website flow
  • campaigns.find(campaign) - Helper function to find a campaign given a campaign object (e.g., {subject: 'My Catchy Subject'})


  • campaigns.reports.summary(campaignId, [options])
  • campaigns.reports.bounced(campaignId, [options])
  • campaigns.reports.clicked(campaignId, [options])
  • campaigns.reports.complained(campaignId, [options])
  • campaigns.reports.opened(campaignId, [options])
  • campaigns.reports.sent(campaignId, [options])
  • campaigns.reports.unsubscribed(campaignId, [options])
  • campaigns.reports.notBounced(campaignId, [options])
  • campaigns.reports.notClicked(campaignId, [options])
  • campaigns.reports.notComplained(campaignId, [options])
  • campaigns.reports.notOpened(campaignId, [options])
  • campaigns.reports.notUnsubscribed(campaignId, [options])

Error Handling

Rejected promises include the entire http request error object. Therefore, you can access the EmailOctopus API error object like this:

    .create(listId, existingContact)
    .catch(function(err) {
        var eoError = err.error;
        console.log(eoError.code, eoError.message); 
        // MEMBER_EXISTS_WITH_EMAIL_ADDRESS A contact already exists with the supplied email address.

Support The Project

Want to support the project? If you decide to use EmailOctopus, create your account using our affiliate link. All money generated will be donated to CodeNow, a nonprofit helping underrepresented youth learn to code.