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Windows executable wrapper for the wurstscript.jar
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The wurst jar wrapper is an executable that calls into java and a jar file. It's made to enable wurst jars to be executed from the command line on Windows platforms.

At present, this is used for two purposes:

  • wurstscript.exe
  • grill.exe

Build Status CII Best Practices

Test the wrapper

There are no tests, but cargo run will compile and run the wrapper.


  • rustup update
  • cargo install --force cargo-make
  • cargo make wurstscript
  • cp target/release/wurst-jar-wrapper.exe ~/.wurst/wurstscript.exe
  • cargo make grill
  • cp target/release/wurst-jar-wrapper.exe ~/.wurst/grill.exe


The wurst jar wrapper was originally a component of wurstpack (WurstScript's fork of JNGP).

Now it is used to wrap multiple jar files.

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