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Student Submissions for the WWDC 2016 Scholarship
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WWDC 2016 Scholarship Submissions

List of student submissions for the WWDC 2016 scholarship. To add your own below, just edit this file and submit a pull request!

Name App Store Link Second App Main Technologies Status
Agisilaos Tsaraboulidis Submitted
Ahan Malhotra TEDxCoconutGrove Submitted CloudKit & Maps Accepted
Al Park Reax - WITNESS AMERICA RIGHT NOW 3D Touch Accepted
Alexander Groß doYoKno Submitted Accepted
Alex Hoppen GitHub Accepted
Alex Melnychuck The Diary - Track your health anywhere Submitted CareKit & NSLinguisticTagger Accepted
Alex Telek Submitted
Alisson Selistre YouTube
Aman Jain Hurtle iOS Game YouTube / App Store SpriteKit & 3D Touch Accepted
Amit Kalra 6284 Calc YouTube Accepted
Andreas Neusuess TourTime YouTube / GitHub
Andrew Ke Formative Submitted Push Notifications & 3D Touch Accepted
Andrew Robinson Brio - Don't Fall!
Antoine Cormery GitHub Multipeer Connectivity Rejected
Anushk Mittal SleepIsle HealthKit & 3D Touch Accepted
Arik Sosman YouTube
Arnav Gudibande DriveSafe YouTube MapKit & CoreLocation Accepted
Aryan Kashyap YouTube
Aubert Charles CharlieTranslater GitHub MapKit & Scene/SpriteKit Rejected
Ayuna Vogel Neverlate GitHub Geofences, Venmo API Accepted
Ayush Aggarwal Submitted Accepted
Benjamin Herzog LOVOO Match tvOS & UIKit Rejected
Brendan Boyle Universal Presenter Remote GitHub watchOS 2 & 3D Touch Accepted
Cheng-Yu Hsu Hop GitHub Rejected
Cristian Tabuyo Temperature Submitted
Damian Camilleri Submitted 3D Touch & Collection Views Accepted
Dean Eigenmann Parkly
Duan Wen Github Rejected
Eduardo Santi GitHub 3D Touch & MapKit
Eli Yazdi 3dtones GitHub
Erik Sargent Taxbot Core Location & Core Motion Accepted
Evan Dekhayser Contact Archiver GitHub Accepted
Eytan Schulman Journey Creator MapKit & 3D Touch Accepted
Felipe Silva Aliens Jelly Siri Remote & SpriteKit
Felix Knispel Submitted HomeKit Accepted
Finn Gaida Customizable Keys Keyboard GitHub Live Photos & UIVisualEffects Rejected
Florian Pfisterer FlowLog CoreAnimation & Notifications Accepted
George Turner Submitted Apple Watch & Push Notifications Rejected
Gustaf Rosenblad School meal Submitted
Hari Submitted Core Motion & GLKit Rejected
Harish Yerra Submitted 3D Touch & MapKit Accepted
Henrique Valcanaia Rett Syndrome Teamboard for TV ResearchKit & 3D Touch Rejected
Hollis Liu Spread 3D Touch & HealthKit Accepted
Jan Philip Bernius Submitted 3D Touch & MapKit Accepted
Jari Martens ConnectR Submitted
Jaxon Kneipp Submitted 3D Touch & Apple Watch Accepted
Jeremy Stucki Parkly
Jessica Yeh OmniBuzz MapKit & Core Location Accepted
Jimmy Liu Bash - Organize activities with friends Accepted
John Ciocca Submitted CloudKit & 3D Touch Rejected
Josh Bruce Submitted
Kabir Oberai Submitted
Kai Aldag Submitted 3D Touch & Core Spotlight Search Accepted
Kesi Maduka Homepage CoreAudio & 3D Touch Rejected
Kilian Koeltzsch ParkenDD MapKit & 3D Touch Accepted
Klemens Strasser Elementary Minute Asymmetric SpriteKit, UIKit, Accessibility, 3D Touch, Apple TV Support Rejected
Kyle Bashour Dodger Grove Rejected
Kyle Spadaro GitHub WebKit & UIKit Accepted
Luqman Fauzi Movfeedly Rejected
Leonard Mehlig Jedox Social Analytics Github 3D Touch & Maps Accepted
Marcel Voss YouTube Accepted
Martijn de Vos YourConnector Submitted
Maurice Breit 4Fahrt
Maximilian Litteral Television Time - Track your favorite shows Submitted CloudKit & 3D Touch Rejected
Michael Dugan Submitted MapKit & 3D Touch Accepted
Michael Royzen RecipeReadr - Your Recipes Read Aloud To You While You Cook AVSpeechSynthesizer & 3D Touch Accepted
Natanel Niazoff Zmanim for YU
Nicholas Gibson PredsNU Submitted
Philippe Yu Github Core Animation, AVFoundation Rejected
Ritvik Upadhyaya Submitted Multipeer Connectivity Accepted
Rehaan Advani YouTube MapKit & 3D Touch Accepted
Saif Al-Dilaimi PrayfortheWorld 3D Touch & Push Notifications Rejected
Salman Husain Etiquette - a better way to reddit YouTube 3D Touch & Accessibility Rejected
Sam Eckert Simple Counter YouTube 3D Touch & watchOS Rejected
Sam Patzer YouTube
Sebastian Dobrincu Voya - Your personal travel assistant YouTube Accepted
Shashank Sharma Submitted HomeKit Accepted
Shunzhe Ma Submitted
Siddhant Chaurasia Places@SST
Simon Christian Krüger caffe:ne HealthKit & CoreAnimation Accepted
Stephen McMillan Daily Riddle WatchKit & 3D Touch Accepted
Stephen Melinyshyn GitHub UIDynamics & 3D Touch Accepted
Tejen Patel YouTube / GitHub Accepted
Timur Galimov Adicty - awesome dictionary for addicted 3D Touch & Spotlight Search Accepted
Tom Morrell Saker - Emotion recognition ResearchKit & 3D Touch Accepted
Varun Shenoy Summit - Summarized News Reader Submitted 3D Touch & MapKit Accepted
Vegard Solheim Theriault Github SpriteKit Accepted
Vignesh Varadarajan BrainyChess YouTube
Vincent Le QSport YouTube
Vladimir Danila Codinator Submitted
Weiran Xiong Submitted
Will Oakley Coincident GitHub Accepted
Yichen Cao pixel - color picker and keyboard Submitted Keyboard Extension & 3D Touch Rejected
Yifei He 古詩一指彈 Submitted Apple Watch & iBeacon Accepted
Zach Simone Daily Steps Submitted Apple Watch & 3D Touch Accepted
Zuhayeer Musa Bash - Organize activities with friends
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