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A toy project to demonstrate how to interact with Muse Headband in Python.
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This is a toy example to demostrate how to interact with Muse Headband in Python using Muse Monitor.


  • A Muse Headband. Currently works with the 2014 Muse Model MU-01, the 2016 Muse Model MU-02 and the 2018 "Muse 2" Model MU-03.
  • An iPhone.
  • Muse Monitor. Install it on the phone that connects to your muse headband.
  • Install the following python dependencies:
pip install -r requirements.txt

how to use

  1. Make sure Muse headband is connected to your phone using official Muse application.
  2. Get your PC's IP.
  3. Open Muse Monitor. Go to the settings page, and then type your PC's ip at the OSC Stream Target IP field.
  4. On your PC, run:
python --ip YOUR_PC_IP --port 5000

Hopefully it works! Now try to blink your eyes and see whether you see blink in the screen.

For more details, please refer to FAQ of Muse Monitor.

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