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JSON Builder

This is a small API helping you to write long JSON values to a stream without constructing their entire content in memory first.

Why?! There is JSON.stringify()

The JSON Builder is nice if you want to dump ten thousand records from your database to a JSON output, because it saves on memory and cuts down on blocking buffer allocations. Also, it helps you to send still-incomplete data to clients so they can start processing while you prepare the rest for them.

How do I use it?

var stream = ... // something with write(str), e.g. an HTTP response
  , jsonBuilder = require('json-builder')
  , out =
   .val({a: 'an object'})
   .val(['a', 'list!', 1, 11])
   .json('{"some JSON": "as well"}')
for (record in database) {// usually this would spill out values async

// minus whitespace, this will produce something like:
// {"title-row": [{"a": "an object"}, ["a", "list!", 1, 11], 
//                {"some JSON": "as well"}],
// ... the db rows
// }

What about encoding?!

JSON Builder does not care about the fact that there might be encodings different from UTF-8 (yet). If you need to specify your encoding for a value, you can always use the .json(...) method and pass in you prepared item.