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Nightly Tester Tools

Nightly Tester Tools is an addon for aiding testers of nightly builds of Mozilla apps like Firefox and Thunderbird. Some features are:

  • Copy Build ID to Clipboard
  • Copy List of Extensions to Clipboard
  • Copy about:support to Pastebin
  • Open Profile Folder
  • Open Pushlog
  • Screenshots utility
  • Title bar customization
  • Crash options
  • Extension compatibility fixing


You can install the latest stable NTT from addons.mozilla.org. To install for development, clone the repo:

git clone git://github.com/mozilla/nightlytt.git

then add a file titled '{8620c15f-30dc-4dba-a131-7c5d20cf4a29}' to the "extensions" directory in your profile folder with the text:


or whatever the path to your nightlytt folder is.

To package the extension into an xpi for distribution simply ant and the default dev script/target will be invoked:


You can override the build number used in the filename:

ant -Dbuild.number=1

To build for release (no build number in filename):

ant release


All bugs are reported to the Nightly Tester Tools component at bugzilla.mozilla.org. bug list, file a bug. Check out the wiki for a list of current and proposed features and feel free to file bugs and submit patches.

This project uses .editorconfig, which sets defaults for the formatting of the code. So enjoy the use of compatible editor. Just download and install the corresponding plugin.

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