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This repository has been archived by the owner on Jun 19, 2024. It is now read-only.


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Xamarin Prebuilt Apps

Visit the pre-built apps page on

To download this repository and and its dependencies:

git clone --recursive

To build all apps:

rake build

Employee Directory

Prototypical contacts application that can talk LDAP.

Available for Android and Windows Phone.

This sample has been removed for iOS because the "UISearchDisplayController" API was depercated in iOS 8+ and replaced with "UISearchController". There is also a bug with IOS 13+ which causes the sample to crash on iOS 13+. Please see this sample for an example of working with "UISearchController".

Field Service

A field service app containing a list of assignments. Take photos, signatures, record hours, etc.

Available for iOS, Android and as a Windows Store app (Windows 8 and Windows RT).

Note on the included solutions and projects

There are two solutions for each application: Xamarin.sln and VisualStudio.sln.

  • The Xamarin solution contains iOS and Android projects, and is primarily targetted at developers on OS X using Xamarin Studio.

  • The VisualStudio solution contains Android and Windows projects, and is primarily targetted at developers on Windows using Visual Studio (since it can handle the Windows project types).

Alternatively you can open any of the individual platform project files, or you can choose to add the existing iOS project to your Visual Studio solution.


Complete, prebuilt apps for you to customize and deploy.






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