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Make Object Shake

This addon allows to easily make an object shake in Blender, It work with bone, camera, object, [...]

It works with Blender 2.8 and earlier versions

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Video (Camera):
Video (Bones) :
Addon page:

How it works

In Blender select the object you want to shake, press F3 (Space bar for Blender 2.7 ) and write "Makes active object shake" Now go in custom properties to edit and animate the shake influence


  1. Download the latest release: Blender 2.7 | Blender 2.8

  2. Open User Preferences (Ctrl+Alt+U) and under Add-ons, click Install from File. Then navigate to the file you downloaded and select it.

3. It should now appear in the window and you can tick the checkbox in the upper right to enable it.

If you would like to have the add-on enabled every time you start Blender, click Save User Settings at the bottom.

This addon use Driver to work so it is necessary to Run Phyton Scripts. If you want Python scripts to be executable every time you start Blender ppen User Preferences (Ctrl+Alt+U) and under File tick the checkbox Auto Run Python Scripts, Then click Save User Settings at the bottom.


If you want support me you can buy the addon on BlenderMarket or Gumroad


This addon allows to easily make an object shake in Blender




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