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xBrowserSync browser extensions / mobile app
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Browser extensions / mobile app

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xBrowserSync is a free tool for syncing browser data between different browsers and devices, built for privacy and anonymity. For full details, see

This repository contains the source code for the browser web extensions and Android mobile app used for syncing to an xBrowserSync service. You can get the official releases of the xBrowserSync clients from the various app stores, but if you’d like to build from source you can do so here.



CD into the source directory and install the package and dependencies using NPM:

$ npm install


You must follow the Cordova Android installation guide in order to develop xBrowserSync for Android. Once that's done, run the following commands in the xBrowserSync source directory:

$ (sudo) npm install -g cordova
$ cd ./platform/android/cordova
$ cordova prepare


Run a build for the desired platform:

$ npm run build:[platform]

Replace [platform] with the name of the desired platform to build (corresponding to a folder name in the platform folder). The app code will be output to the 'build' folder. Available platforms:

  • android
  • chrome
  • firefox

Running in Chrome

Once you have built xBrowserSync for Chrome, browse to chrome://extensions, enable Developer mode, click "Load unpacked" and browse to build within the xBrowserSync source directory.

Note: We recommend creating a new Chrome profile for testing so you do not affect your actual profile data.

Running in Firefox

Use the web-ext tool for testing xBrowserSync in Firefox. Once that is installed and you have built xBrowserSync for Firefox, CD into build within the xBrowserSync source directory and run the following command:

$ web-ext run --verbose

Firefox will open using a temporary profile and the xBrowserSync extension will be installed from the built source.


If you’ve found a bug or wish to request a new feature, please submit it here.


If you would like to help with translating xBrowserSync into another language, please get in touch.


If you enjoy using xBrowserSync consider supporting the project via Liberapay or by donating crypto.

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