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Xcas Pad computer algebra system source code project for IOS developpers

As maths kernel, Xcas Pad embed a port of the Giac/Xcas library. Giac/Xcas library is a powerful maths kernel used by many platforms, like the Hewlett Packard HP Prime calculator. Also users of the Texas Instruments calculators(TI89, Voyage 200, TI Nspire) could find very familiar the CAS.

Xcas Pad for IOS is released for developpers who would like to contribute to the continuos enhancement of this CAS. Xcas Pad for IOS is a parallel develop of Android version.


Operator ^ can't be readed from the input text front end.

Implements help system.

Implements plotter system.

Xcas Pad uses MathJax as frontend TeX render.

Feel free to copy, modify and distribute this source code files in order to contribute to the improvement of this work. There is no commercial purpose for this front end it's just an enthusiasm attempt to achieve a free calculous system.

So any contribution to the IOS front end are welcome.

Thanks to Bernard Parisse for write and share the Giac library.

For front end related issues:mucephimobile@gmail.com

For all related math issues see giac homepage: http://www-fourier.ujf-grenoble.fr/~parisse/giac.html