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WordPress Test Project

Project brief

Create a jobs list page pointing to individual job pages and a simple apply form.

On the jobs list page, a job will consist of:

  • title
  • description (truncated to 25 words)

On the job page, there will be:

  • position title
  • company department (eg. Finance, Marketing, etc.)
  • picture with default dimensions of 900 x 600px
  • whether the job is On-site or Remote
  • job description (can be a couple of paragraphs)
  • apply button pointing to the apply page

Make all fields required in the WordPress admin.

Apply page will have a simple form with the following elements:

  • subject - required input field which will be automatically prefilled with Re: [position title] based on which position the user arrived from
  • email - required / input field
  • CV - optional / file upload dialog
  • cover letter - optional / textarea
  • submit button

The form can be sent to an email address or stored internally in WordPress.


  1. Use Chisel and ACF
  2. For the form you can use a form plugin of your choice
  3. Add some minimal styling and make the pages responsive according your best judgement.
  4. Make the pages the smallest possible size - optimize images, disable jQuery or any other unnecessary scripts/stylesheets, etc.
  5. Set up a virtual host with your project repository name (eg. yourname-wp-test.test) so we don't have search & replace URLs when testing your project
  6. Store the whole WordPress installation into the test repository and also store a database dump to it.

Project Deadline

Take your time but try to deliver it within 2 weeks time. If we don't see any activity in your test repository after 2 weeks (at least initial commits), we will automatically withdraw your application.


WordPress test project used in recruitment



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