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Xmidt Documentation

This repository contains both the content and the static-site generator code for the Xmidt documentation site. The site can be found at

Table of Contents

Code of Conduct

This project and everyone participating in it are governed by the XMiDT Code Of Conduct. By participating, you agree to this Code.


You need to have a working Ruby environment set up (including bundler) and then install the necessary gems:

cd docs
make bundle


To generate the static site, run:

make build

The resulting static site will be stored in the output directory.

Optionally, you can use an API token to avoid rate limits on the API. You can get an API token from

export GITHUB_AUTHENTICATION='-u user:token'

For building the codex swagger docs run
cd content/docs/codex
redoc-cli  bundle -o swagger.html --title "Codex Documentation" codex.yaml
cd ../../..
# then add the following to the top of the file
title: Swagger
sort_rank: 15


Local Development Server

To run a local server that displays the generated site, run:

# Rebuild the site whenever relevant files change:
make guard
# Start the local development server in a separate shell:
make serve

You should now be able to view the generated site at http://localhost:3000/.

Automatic Production Deployment

Pull requests should contain the newly built site, in the docs/ folder. When changes to the docs/ folder are committed to main, the site automatically gets redeployed.


See for general instructions for new Xmidt contributors.

The main documentation contents of this website are located in the content/docs directory.

Documentation concerning the various Xmidt/Codex/Webpa servers is cloned into the website at build time.

As a guideline, please keep the documentation generally applicable and avoid use-case-specific changes.