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Another way to search the docker registry
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docker-search: another way to search the docker registry.


This does not seem optimal:

$ docker search libavcodec

$ docker search ffmpeg
NAME                            DESCRIPTION                                     STARS     OFFICIAL   AUTOMATED
cellofellow/ffmpeg                                                              1                    [OK]
bfirsh/ffmpeg                                                                   0                    [OK]
robd/aws-ffmpeg                                                                 0                    [OK]
lmars/ffmpeg                    FFMpeg built from source (git://source.ffm...   0                    
link/ffmpeg-built               this has python devenv, a few other build ...   0                    
miovision/ffmpeg                                                                0                    
paulbrennan/ffmpeg                                                              0                    
cmark/ubuntu-ffmpeg                                                             0                    
mikehearn/ubuntu-ffmpeg                                                         0                    
cmark/ubuntu-ffmpeg-ssh                                                         0                    
cmark/ubuntu-14.04-ffmpeg-nfs                                                   0                    
asachs/docker-ffmpeg            Docker based FFMPEG - keeping the dependan...   0                    

Which of these have libavcodec? Do I have to manually go to and search through Dockerfiles?

How about this instead?

$ docker-search -filter=libavcodec ffmpeg
Name                          Description                   
----                          -----------                   

More about what is happening under the hood with the -verbose flag.

$ docker-search -filter=libavcodec -filter=quantal -verbose=true -dockerfile ffmpeg 
Query docker for ffmpeg
Query response received for: ffmpeg
Annotating image cellofellow/ffmpeg with Dockerfile
Annotating image bfirsh/ffmpeg with Dockerfile
Annotating image robd/aws-ffmpeg with Dockerfile
Annotating image lmars/ffmpeg with Dockerfile
Annotating image link/ffmpeg-built with Dockerfile
Annotating image miovision/ffmpeg with Dockerfile
Annotating image asachs/docker-ffmpeg with Dockerfile
Annotating image paulbrennan/ffmpeg with Dockerfile
Annotating image cmark/ubuntu-ffmpeg with Dockerfile
Annotating image mikehearn/ubuntu-ffmpeg with Dockerfile
Annotating image cmark/ubuntu-ffmpeg-ssh with Dockerfile
Annotating image cmark/ubuntu-14.04-ffmpeg-nfs with Dockerfile
Got dockerfile for: robd/aws-ffmpeg
Got dockerfile for: mikehearn/ubuntu-ffmpeg
Got dockerfile for: bfirsh/ffmpeg
Got dockerfile for: cellofellow/ffmpeg
Got dockerfile for: miovision/ffmpeg
Got dockerfile for: cmark/ubuntu-ffmpeg
Got dockerfile for: lmars/ffmpeg
Got dockerfile for: asachs/docker-ffmpeg
Got dockerfile for: link/ffmpeg-built
Got dockerfile for: cmark/ubuntu-14.04-ffmpeg-nfs
Got dockerfile for: paulbrennan/ffmpeg
Got dockerfile for: cmark/ubuntu-ffmpeg-ssh
Finished annotation of dockerfiles
Filtering dockerfiles
Found match for filter libavcodec of Dockerfile for image: bfirsh/ffmpeg
Found match for filter quantal of Dockerfile for image: bfirsh/ffmpeg
Found 1 results

Name:                         bfirsh/ffmpeg                 

FROM ubuntu:12.10
MAINTAINER Ben Firshman ""
RUN echo "deb quantal main universe" > /etc/apt/sources.list
RUN apt-get update
RUN apt-get -y install ffmpeg libavcodec-extra-53


docker-search: A better way to search the docker registry

docker-search does a search against the Docker registry, and then pulls Dockerfiles for 
matching images, searching inside them for more details.


docker-search -filter=quantal -filter=avcodec ffmpeg  # Search for the string quantal AND avcodec in the Dockerfile
docker-search -dockerfile ffmpeg # print out full dockerfiles
docker-search -dockerfile -format=json ffmpeg # print out results as JSON, including dockerfiles 


  -annotate=true: Annotation with Dockerfile information (faster without but no second level search)
  -dockerfile=false: Print out dockerfiles
  -filter=: List of filters; you can have more than one (ANDed together)
  -format="table": Format the output: table or json
  -generate-config=false: Generate a new default configuration file
  -verbose=false: Output verbose messages (false)


go get

Or, download the source and install yourself.

Developer Details

docker-search works in three stages right now inside client.go

  • Query: query the docker index
  • Annotate: annotate the search result with scraped data, like Dockerfiles themselves
  • Filter: filter through the data based on interesting information

The Configuration File

NB: This is probably something I will remove soon, but for now. The IP address listed here was an internal IP to the docker server, but hardcoding the API endpoint seems like the way to go. I did not realize that docker search goes through the docker server as a proxy.

Why is there a configuration file? Well, the docker registry/index/hub search is a little confusing right now. The API documents indicated I should be able to use to search, but then all these requests are either 301 or 302. Something is wrong. So, I sniffed the traffic from docker search to see what they were using (with this command tcpdump -s 0 -A 'tcp[((tcp[12:1] & 0xf0) >> 2):4] = 0x47455420'). They were using a strange IP and port, and I got it working with the following cURL command curl -i I figured this would change soon, and did not want to hard code the URL into the app. So, docker-search uses a configuration file which you can edit if the backend changes or solidifies.

Contribution guidelines

Fork, write some tests, and submit a pull request. Thanks!

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