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A Sublime Text 2 plugin extension to the move command

A new command is added, "move_by_paragraph". These "args" are accepted:

  • "forward" (bool): True if this moves down the page
  • "extend" (bool): True if this should create a selection
  • ignore_blank_lines (bool): Set to true to ignore lines with nothing but whitespace (excluding newline) as text for paragraph boundaries. Defaults to true.
  • stop_at_paragraph_begin (bool): Set to true to stop the cursor at the beginning of paragraphs. Defaults to true
  • stop_at_paragraph_end (bool): Set to true to stop the cursor at the end of paragraphs. Defaults to false. Both stop_at_paragraph_begin and stop_at_paragraph_end can be set at the same time.

Moving by Paragraph

Example (add this to your keymap):

{"keys": ["ctrl+up"], "command": "move_by_paragraph", "args": {"forward": false}},
{"keys": ["ctrl+down"], "command": "move_by_paragraph", "args": {"forward": true}},

Paragraph Movement

Example with selection (add this to your keymap):

 {"keys": ["ctrl+shift+up"], "command": "move_by_paragraph", "args": {"forward": false, "extend": true}},
 {"keys": ["ctrl+shift+down"], "command": "move_by_paragraph", "args": {"forward": true, "extend": true}},

Paragraph Selection

Note that "ctrl+shift+up/down" will overwrite the default action of moving the current selection up or down, which is why this is not set by default. Personally, I remapped that behaviour to "ctrl+t" and "ctrl+g".

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