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Eliminate unused functions in your WASM binary
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Eliminate unused functions in your WASM binary.


  • Removes the export instruction
  • Replaces the func with an empty one (to preserve the index)


-   (func $func_1 (param i32) (param i32) (result i32)
-     (get_local 0)
-     (get_local 1)
-     (i32.add)
-   )
-   (export "add" (func $func_1))
+   (func)


Why not use binaryen?

First you can see the JavaScript API is specified here

I encounter some issues (like removing the func wasn't working) and added an additional parse of the WASM file.

Third party licenses


  • Support DCE for exported global, memory, table.
  • Remove elements only used by this function (other imports, data, etc).
  • Add CLI for node projects or libs