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What is Battlestar?

  • A work in progress.
  • Created for fun and for the educational process.
  • A programming language specifically for 64-bit x86 Linux, 32-bit x86 Linux and 16-bit x86 DOS.
  • Subset of assembly with an alternative syntax and with support for inline C.
  • The indended purpose is for writing 4k and 64k demoscene demos.

Quick start

Build and install Battlestar, build the samples and run the "life" sample:

  • make; sudo make devinstall; make samples; cd life; ./

This requires DosBox, Go, Yasm and GCC.

gcc-go is not supported yet.

Features and limitations

  • The resulting executables are tiny!
  • "hello world" is only 174 bytes for 32-bit Linux (when using sstrip from elfkickers). (238 bytes for 64-bit Linux, 31 bytes for 16-bit DOS)
  • It's possible to write an operating system / kernel with only one source file.
  • Full support for inline C (by utilizing gcc).
  • C and Battlestar code can exist in the same source file and calls can be made both ways.
  • Battlestar programs compiles almost instantly.
  • Programs can be run like scripts by including this line at the top: #!/usr/bin/bts
  • Interrupts can be called with the same syntax for both 32-bit and 64-bit x86 on Linux.
  • Also supports 16-bit x86 with DosBox.
  • The intermediate assembly is fully commented.
  • No register allocator, just an alternative assembly syntax.

Sample program

This is a 16-bit x86 program, for DOS:

// "Life"
// The original was written by "melezov" (

fun main
    al = 0x13               // set graphics mode (mode 13h)
                            // 320x200, 256 colors, one byte per pixel
    int 10

    stack -> sp             // pop  sp
    stack -> b              // pop  bx
    stack -> ds             // pop  ds

    ds -> es                // push ds, pop es

    al = 62
    ch = 0xFA
    loopwrite               // rep stosb


        di <<< 3           // rotate left 3

        di -= 7            // subtraction
        di ^= 2            // xor

        al = readbyte di   // read byte from memory
        al += [di+321]     // add value at [di+321] (pixel on the line below)
        al /= 2

        di -> stack
        write               // stosb

        di += 0x13E

        stack -> di

    end // loops forever


In progress

  • macOS support
  • Reimplementing 16-bit demoscene demos without using any inline assembly
  • See TODO


Make sure Go, Yasm and GCC are installed.


sudo make PREFIX=/usr install

For development, install soft links instead:

sudo make install-dev

Build all the samples:

make samples

Build dependencies

  • go >= 1.3

Runtime dependencies

  • yasm

Optional runtime dependencies

  • gcc (for inline C support)
  • elftools/sstrip (for even smaller binaries)
  • binutils (for disassembling with objdump)
  • dosbox (for running 16-bit executables) (only GCC 4.9 and up supports compiling to 16-bit with -m16)
  • SDL 2 (must be compiled and installed manually if on Red Hat 6)
  • tcc (for even smaller binaries, in many cases)

External links

General info

  • Version: 0.6.2
  • License: MIT
  • Author: Alexander F. Rødseth