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  • This scope does not require AISP or PISP enrolment in the Open Banking Directory
  • The latest Open Data API specification can be found in the Open Banking wiki.

Access Open Data:

  1. See the documentation on how to get started.
  2. Once you are registered in the dashboard, create your application.
  3. Add an institution from the Live tab to your application that has the appropriate feature, such as OPEN_DATA_PERSONAL_CURRENT_ACCOUNTS. Note: there is no requirement for credentials to access Open Data as these are currently unauthorised calls.

You can test your application using one of these options:

  • To test with a simulated application, launch the Simulator from the dashboard.
  • Download the Postman collection from your application screen in the dashboard and import it as a new collection in Postman.

Follow the instructions below👇 to access specific open data scope.

Personal Current Account (PCA)

GET /institutions/{{institution-id}}/personal-current-accounts


GET /institutions/{{institution-id}}/atms Use GET method on institution open data ATM endpoint to get real-time data feed.

Note: This payload has been enhanced with a mapServiceLinks object in the response. This field contains Google, Bing and Here Maps URLs for the ATM location.

How to find {{institution-id}}:

  • Postman: GET All Institutions using the /institutions endpoint.
  • Dashboard: Check the id of your chosen institution

Visit the documentation for more details and feel free contact us 💬.

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