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Official Implementation for "Fast Weakly Supervised Action Segmentation Using Mutual Consistency" - TPAMI 2021


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Official implementation of Fast Weakly Supervised Action Segmentation Using Mutual Consitency.

    Author    = {Souri, Yaser and Fayyaz, Mohsen and Minciullo, Luca and Francesca, Gianpiero and Gall, Juergen},
    Title     = {{Fast Weakly Supervised Action Segmentation Using Mutual Consistency}},
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    Year      = {2021}

General Information

The code-base is built using the fandak framework.



Step 1

Downloading Breakfast dataset with I3D features:
These features are obtained from the MS-TCN project and only restructured.

Everything needed is included in file.

Step 2

Create a directory at ~/work/MuCon. If you don't have enough space at your home directory (~) then use a symlink.

Then do the following:

cd ~/work/MuCon
mkdir datasets
cd datasets
# If you have already downloaded the zip move it here
mv /path/to/downloaded/ ./
# Otherwise download the zip here
wget "" --output-document=""
rm # optionally, if you don't need it.


Step 1: Create the root directory

cd ~/work/MuCon
mkdir root

Intermediate results, models, tensorboard logs, etc. will be saved in this directory. If you don't have enough space at ~ create a symlink.

Step 2: Copy the repo

Docker and Nvidia-Docker is the most important requirements. All other requirements will be installed automatically inside docker.

cd ~/repo  # or any other location you wish.
git clone
cd MuCon

Step 3: Build the docker image

cd docker/pytorch1.1

Step 4: Run the experiment

Using the below code you can run the default training and testing on split 1 of the breakfast dataset. Note: You have to set the CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES environment variable.

cd ~/repo/MuCon
./ python src/ --cfg src/configs/docker/inside.yaml --set dataset.split 1

There are various other configs available as well:

  • For data: src/core/
  • For MuCon: src/configs/mucon/ You can change the configs by passing inline arguments, passing address to yaml files or changing the defaults.

The training progress is shown as below:

[2021-08-27 16:07:28.884565] Training for run number: 1
[2021-08-27 16:07:28.884773] Training epoch 1 ...
100%|████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████| 1460/1460 [01:39<00:00, 14.67it/s]
[2021-08-27 16:09:08.437369] Training epoch 2 ...
 36%|███████████████████████▏                                         | 521/1460 [00:36<00:57, 16.23it/s]

This should take less than 12 hours to train and test on modern hardware and GPU.

At the end of the program it will output the results of training, which looks like something like this:

MuConEvaluatorResult(y_mof=0.4374427438716199, y_mof_nbg=0.4255722067659505, y_iod=0.724194675038116, y_iou=0.39804877235464414, s_mof=0.441788286580743, s_mof_nbg=0.4227709493882079, s_iod=0.4809540489892753, s_iou=0.3644463243702167, s_iod_nbg=0.4265855312320258, s_iou_nbg=0.31716805755780547, s_mat_score=0.7588650138682775, s_len_diff=1.3214285714285714, vit_mof=0.47972540750568615, vit_mof_nbg=0.46599277794190475, vit_iod=0.5163879039088691, vit_iou=0.39922937940944814, vit_iod_nbg=0.46699351233834946, vit_iou_nbg=0.35887711811445244)

Here you can see various metric. The main metric of interest is "vit_mof".


Official Implementation for "Fast Weakly Supervised Action Segmentation Using Mutual Consistency" - TPAMI 2021








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