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A collection of small projects to illustrate how to write plugins for Coq
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This site is now frozen

This development has moved to the Coq repository in directory doc/plugin_tutorials. For the master branch you can access at

How to write plugins in Coq

Working environment : merlin, tuareg (open question)

OCaml & related tools

These instructions use OPAM

opam init --root=$PWD/CIW2018 --compiler=4.06.0 -j2
eval `opam config env --root=$PWD/CIW2018`
opam install camlp5 ocamlfind num # Coq's dependencies
opam install lablgtk              # Coqide's dependencies (optional)
opam install merlin               # prints instructions for vim and emacs


git clone
cd coq
./configure -profile devel
make -j2
cd ..
export PATH=$PWD/coq/bin:$PATH

This tutorial

git clone
cd plugin_tutorials/tuto0
make .merlin                # run before opening .ml files in your editor
make                        # build

tuto0 : basics of project organization

package a ml4 file in a plugin, organize a Makefile, _CoqProject

  • Example of syntax to add a new toplevel command
  • Example of function call to print a simple message
  • Example of syntax to add a simple tactic (that does nothing and prints a message)
  • To use it:
    cd tuto0; make
    coqtop -I src -R theories Tuto0

In the Coq session type:

    Require Import Tuto0.Loader. HelloWorld.

tuto1 : Ocaml to Coq communication

Explore the memory of Coq, modify it

  • Commands that take arguments: strings, symbols, expressions of the calculus of constructions
  • Commands that interact with type-checking in Coq
  • A command that adds a new definition or theorem
  • A command that uses a name and exploits the existing definitions or theorems
  • A command that exploits an existing ongoing proof
  • A command that defines a new tactic

Compilation and loading must be performed as for tuto0.

tuto2 : Ocaml to Coq communication

A more step by step introduction to writing commands

  • Explanation of the syntax of entries
  • Adding a new type to and parsing to the available choices
  • Handling commands that store information in user-chosen registers and tables

Compilation and loading must be performed as for tuto1.

tuto3 : manipulating terms of the calculus of constructions

Manipulating terms, inside commands and tactics.

  • Obtaining existing values from memory
  • Composing values
  • Verifying types
  • Using these terms in commands
  • Using these terms in tactics
  • Automatic proofs without tactics using type classes and canonical structures

compilation and loading must be performed as for tuto0.

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