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RubyConf 2010 / RubyGems to All JVM Languages

Here are examples used in my presentation at RubyConf 2010. You can see my slide at Samples are modifed so that those won't rely on environment variables on my PC :)


To run examples, you need JRuby installed. Also, rake and bundler gems should be installed to your JRuby before you run. I tested on:

  • JDK 1.6.0
  • JRuby 1.5.5
  • rake 0.8.7
  • bundler 1.0.7

Other gems used in each example are installed when you run rake tasks.

Clojure example

To run clojure examples, first, install Datamapper and uuidtools gems. These are installed by:

jruby -S rake clojure:gems

Then, run examples by:

jruby -S rake clojure:examples

This task runs two examples, DataMapper and uuidtools. If you want to run each example individually, type:

jruby -S rake clojure:dm

jruby -S rake clojure:uuid

Jython example

In the same way, install gems then run examples:

jruby -S rake jython:gems

jruby -S rake jython:examples


jruby -S rake jython:cucumber

jruby -S rake jython:uuid

Scala example

Scala examples get run in a different way. You need scala installed. For example, I have scala in /Users/yoko/Tools/ directory. In my case, uuidtools example will run by /Users/yoko/Tools/ -cp ./jruby-complete-1.5.5.jar scala/uuid_sample.scala.

jruby -S rake scala:gems

<path to scala>/bin/scala -cp ./jruby-complete-1.5.5.jar scala/redbridge_twitter.scala

<path to scala>/bin/scala -cp ./jruby-complete-1.5.5.jar scala/uuid_sample.scala

Groovy example

Groovy has two examples. Uuidtools example runs in the same way as clojure and jython. So, install gem, then run:

jruby -S rake groovy:gems

jruby -S rake grooby:uuid

Another example is a web app with rails. Install tomcat and make symbolic link to Hemlock or copy Hemlock into tomcat's webapp directory. Then, request url on the browser:



JRuby example

Exactly the same as others:

jruby -S rake jruby:gems

jruby -S rake jruby:uuid

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