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FTP Client for ZX-Uno using the WiFi ESP-12E addon.

Quick Start

  • Upgrade your ZX-Uno by writting in it the ZX core with UART support
  • Plug your WiFi addon to your ZX-Uno. Each time you are going to use it, remember to select the correct core in the Core Selection Menu of your ZX-Uno (it shows up at boot pressing Caps Lock key)
  • If you have not done so yet, run the WiFi addon configuration utility to enable your ESP-12E WiFi module for the ZX-Uno.
  • Edit the text file FTP.CFG to suit your configuration. It has self-explanatory instructions (for more info read the last section)
  • Copy the edited file FTP.CFG into the directory /SYS/CONFIG/ of your SD card.
  • Copy the file ftpUno.tap wherever you want into the SD card.
  • Start your ZX-Uno and run the ftpUno.tap program file by NMI event or other method.
  • The program will start to connect to the WiFi and then to the FTP server. The status message will show connection information.


The screen is divided into left view (the FTP file list view), right view (the SD card file list view), and a lower message bar that displays current status and confirmation messages.

Each view has a scrolling bar to its right that shows what portion of the file list is visible right now.



The program is controlled with the keyboard, using the following keys:

  • Cursor UP: Select upper file, or go to previous page if there are more files scrolling up.
  • Cursor DOWN: Select lower file, or go to next page if there are more files scrolling down.
  • Cursor LEFT/RIGHT: Change selection between FTP or SD card view.
  • INTRO: Enter the selected directory, or download selected file (in the FTP view), or delete the selected file (in the SD card view)
  • BACKSPACE: Go up one directory.

Configuration file

The program is completely configured through its configuration file located in the directory /SYS/CONFIG/FTP.CFG. This file must exist prior to executing the program.

The content is a series of param=value pairs, one pair in each line. Put # For one-line comments. The maximum value length is 128 characters.

Accepted parameters names follows (all are mandatory):

  • ssid: Name of the WiFi network the program is going to connect to (i.e. network SSID)
  • wifi_password: WiFi password. Must not be empty, even for not secure networks (put whatever in that case)
  • server: The IP address or host name of the FTP Server the program is going to connect to. Example: or
  • port: Server port. Usually 21 for FTP.
  • user: FTP user name. Usually anonymous
  • ftp_password: FTP user password. Put whatever if the user is anonymous.
  • ftp_initial_dir: Initial path in the FTP server. Usually /. Must end with /.
  • sd_initial_dir: Initial path in the SD card. Usually /. Must end with /.


FTP Client for ZX-Uno using the WiFi ESP addon.




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