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Cross Browser Zoom and Pixel Ratio Detector

As of January 2013 stopped maintaining his source, and trasfered the repository to me
If you are looking to update previous versions note that there were some breaking chnages

  • Major Changes form the latest yonran version:
    • DetectZoom object name changed to detectZoom
    • DetectZoom.ratio() is no longer publicly accesible
    • Supported browsres: IE8+, FF4+, modern Webkit, mobile Webkit, Opera 11.1+
    • IE6, IE7, FF 3.6 and Opera 10.x are no longer supported
    • Added support to be loaded as an AMD and CommonJS module

What is this for?

Detecting the browser zoom level and device pixel ratio relative to the zoom level.

It can be used to show higher-resolution canvas or img when necessary, to warn users that your site's layout will be broken in their current zoom level, and much more.
Personally I'm maitaining it to use Detect-zoom in's editor to warn users that their browser is in zoom mode before saving imporant changes to their wabsite.

Live Example

See the Live Example section in


Detect-zoom has only two public functions:

  • zoom() Returns the zoom level of the user's browser using Javascript.
  • device() Returns the device pixel ratio multiplied by the zoom level (Read more about devicePixelRatio at QuirksMode)
    <script src="detect-zoom.js"></script>
      var zoom = detectZoom.zoom();
      var device = detectZoom.device();

      console.log(zoom, device);

AMD Usage

    require(['detect-zoom'], function(detectZoom){
        var zoom = detectZoom.zoom();



  • Repository moved here
  • Refactored most of the code
  • Removed support for older browsers
  • Added support for AMD and CommonJS



  • Merged a pull request that fixed zoom on IE being returned X100 (thanks @kreymerman)
  • Refactored the code some more, changed some function names
  • Browser dependent main function is created only on initialization (thanks @jsmaker)
  • Open Issue: Firefox returns zoom and devicePixelRatio the same. Still looking for a solution here.
  • Started versioning - this is version 1.0.0

Help Needed

Detect-zoom is not complete, many parts of the code are 6 to 12 months old and I'm still reviewing them
I need help testing different browsers, finding betrer ways to measure zoom on problematic browsers (ahm.. Firefox.. ahm)
patches are more than welcome.


Detect-zoom is dual-licensed under the WTFPL and MIT license, at the recipient's choice.


Cross Browser Zoom and Pixel Ratio Detector






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