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Display Yahoo weather data as an image
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A customizable script to display Yahoo weather data as a portable image. alt text

Server Installation

First, install DejaVu Fonts.

Next install imagemagick and pngcrush.

apt-get install imagemagick pngcrush

Configure imagemagick so that it can find the DejaVu fonts.

Then use pip to install the required dependencies.

pip install myql dom

Insert the script into your crontab.

Finally, install the web server of your choice and allow the port through your firewall.

Client Installation

Unzip the contents of into the root directory of your Kindle. Install the jailbreak, and USBNetworking.

Finally, add /mnt/us/weather/ to the cron file on the Kindle.


if imagemagick can't find your fonts: Copy fonts to a directory of your choice

Determine the directory of your imagemagick configuration type.xml

In my case, it was /usr/local/Cellar/imagemagick/6.9.7-0/etc/ImageMagick-6

cd /usr/local/Cellar/imagemagick/6.9.7-0/etc/ImageMagick-6

wget -O

find /Users/username/your_font_directory -name '*Deja*' |./ -f - > ./type-morefonts.xml

Finally edit type.xml

nano type.xml

Near the end of the file between <typemap> and </typemap>, add <include file="type-morefonts.xml" />

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