AWS Lambda Go functions using Serverless Framework and Python shim
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Serverless Golang

Serverless Gopher

Gopher by @flemay, inspired by @ashleymcnamara and Renee French artworks.

Serverless Badge Go example projects.

Go Meetup Presentation:


For AWS, we leverage eawsy's python based AWS Lambda Go Shim for superior performance compared to Node.js shims:



  • seamless integration with AWS Lambda event sources or API Gateway HTTP requests.
  • use docker and docker-compose for easy testing with localstack (example coming soon) and ensure consistent dependencies across golang, python and serverless
  • docker builder image immutably baked in with:
    • amazon linux base image for building AWS Lambda
    • go 1.9.2
    • vendor support via glide, trash and dep
    • python 2.7
    • node 6
    • serverless 1.25.0



  • have serverless, go, make and docker
  • have correct $GOPATH and your new project must reside in $GOPATH/src/path/your-app

See each individual example for detailed instructions:


Currently used by amaysim Australia to build strategic Microservices across 4 business verticals.


  • kinesis example
  • graphql example
  • dynamodb example with localstack tests #13
  • event-gateway and FDK support #17
  • sls plugins example #21
  • Azure support #15
  • OpenWhisk