An easy-to-use Vagrant-based setup for GNU Radio applications.
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An easy-to-use Vagrant-based setup for GNU Radio applications.


First, download and install the latest version of Vagrant from Do not count on your package manager to deliver the latest version of Vagrant. Currently, VirtualBox is the only supported VM provider, and it must be installed with the extension pack to enable USB EHCI mode, which is required for rtl-sdr usage.

Once Vagrant is set up:

$ git clone git://
$ cd marconi
$ vagrant up

Initially running vagrant up will take a while since Vagrant will need to download the initial virtual machine, and then proceed to install all the dependencies, and compile GNU Radio. After all these steps are through, you should have a fully working GNU Radio environment running on an Ubuntu virtual machine. SSH into the machine with:

$ vagrant ssh

Marconi clones, builds and installs:

  • GNU Radio
  • gr-osmosdr
  • rtl-sdr
  • gqrx

All repos exist in /home/vagrant/dev.

Halt or destroy the instance with:

$ vagrant [halt|destroy]

Chef Cookbook Usage

Since the Vagrant box provisioning process (in this case) is built upon Chef Solo and contains a standard cookbook, it can be used standalone to configure an existing Ubuntu machine (precise, 32 bit), with a preconfigured Chef setup.

License and Credits

Marconi is released under the GPLv3 license.

Created by Yuval Adam, based on the build-gnuradio script by Marcus Leech.