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A GitHub App that runs commitlint for you!
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commitlint [bot]

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Built with probot framework

A GitHub App that runs commitlint against all commits of new or edited pull requests and sets an appropriate status check.


  1. Browse to GitHub Apps - commitlint
  2. Accept the permissions
  3. Allow access to repositories

On the next pull request, a status check from commitlint will appear:


Problem details will be reported as a comment like this:


For best results, enable branch protection (in the repository's settings) and require the commitlint status check to pass before merging:


What is missing?

We don't currently support custom configuration (i.e. .commitlint.yml or .commitlint.json), but we will


  1. Setup the repo:
git clone
cd commitlint-bot
npm install
  1. Create your own GitHub app
  2. Store the private key as private-key.pem somewhere safe, and point to its location in .env
  3. Start the app with APP_ID=1234 npm start where 1234 is your GitHub app's ID
  4. Update your GitHub app's Webhook URL to your URL


See docs/ for more info.


Robot designed by Freepik.

Inspired by the awesome work of Tom Vincent in their validate-commit-msg-bot package.

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MIT © Ahmed T. Ali

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