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A monkey patch for jQuery 1.3.1+ that adds some cross browser support for 'transform' property to css() method.
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Zachary Johnson

This monkey patch for jQuery 1.3.1+ allows you to set and get CSS Transforms
in Safari/Chrome/Webkit, Firefox 3.5+, IE 9+, and Opera 11+ in a uniform way
with the jQuery css() method.  You can simply do the following rather than
using browser specific properties:

$('#example').css('transform', 'rotate(165deg)'); // Set rotation transform
$('#example').css({transform: 'rotate(165deg)'}); // Set rotation transform
$('#example').css('transform'); // Get and return transform string as it was set

To use the patch, load jquery-css-transform.js in your project after loading jQuery.

For more information visit:

This code is currently available for use in all personal or commercial projects
under both MIT and GPL licenses, just like jQuery. 

Change Log

2011.05.04 - Temporary solution for current 1.6.x incompatibility, while preserving 1.3.x
             compatibility, until I can rewrite using CSS Hooks.
           - Included change proposed by Damian Poole to avoid problems in IE 9 RC 2.

2010.11.26 - Add support for IE9 (Platform Preview 7) and probably Opera.

2010.11.06 - Update to address new behavior in jQuery 1.4.3 where getting the
             transform property with css() would return a matrix instead of
             the transformation string as set by the user.  It is important to
             note that this patch forces the old behavior at this time in order
             to properly support old code using this patch.
           - Update to correctly support setting transform via
             css({transform: value}) style syntax. (Guess I missed something
             in that 2009.07.15 update.)

2009.07.15 - Update to make sure that you can use css({transform: value}) style syntax, too.

2009.05.24 - Updated to usual jQuery patch/plugin pattern where jQuery is passed in as $ argument.
           - Monkey Patched call to css() really only needed key as a named argument.
           - Neither of these updates really change anything.  Mostly just code cleanliness issues.

2009.02.23 - Added to GitHub.

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