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Django React Components

Django React Components is a collection of tools that automate the loading and rendering of React components when used in conjunction with django-react-loader. This tool is currently in beta.


Install Django React Components using pip:

$ pip install django-react-components

Add django_react_components to your INSTALLED_APPS in


You will also need to install three other dependencies:

  • django-react-loader: the JS counterpart to this package, used to serve the React components for django-react-components to load into Django templates.
  • django-webpack-loader: the Django dependency used to render the runtime bundles required for React to run.
  • webpack-bundle-tracker: the dependency used by Webpack to generate stats to be consumed by django-webpack-loader.


Rendering React Components

In your templates, you can render React components by using the {% react_component %} template tag. To do so:

  1. Load the template tag and the render_bundle tag from django_webpack_loader:
{% load react_component from django_react_components %}
{% load render_bundle from webpack_loader %}
  1. Use render_bundle to pull in the appropriate javascript
    {% render_bundle 'runtime' %}
    {% render_bundle 'App' %} 

3a. Use the react_component tag to render the component with keyword arguments as props

    {% react_component 'App' id='app' prop1=prop1 prop2=prop2 %}

3a. Use the react/endreact tags to render the component with rendered content inside. This will be passed as raw HTML to the component as the children prop.

    {% react 'App' id='app' %}
        <h1>Hello World</h1>
        <p>{{ content }}</p>
        <a href='{% url 'endpoint' %}'>Link</a>
    {% endreact 'App' id='app' %}


Python 3.4-3.7, Django 1.11-2.2

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