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Visit the docs here:

Developer Hub based on Vuepress and swagger-ui.

Getting started

This app requires Node 14

$ brew install node@14
$ brew link node@14
$ npm install
$ npm run serve

Open http://localhost:8080

Building static site

$ npm run build



All guides are written in Markdown. In addition some of Vuepress' Markdown Extensions and the Tabs Markdown Extension can be used. Checkout our existing docs in docs/guide to get some inspiration.

API Reference

For API References we use OpenAPI 3.0 and swagger-ui. If you want to modify or add a new reference have a look at docs/api.

Navigation Links

If you want to change the navigation links, please modify docs/.vuepress/theme/components/MainSidebar.vue. In addition to that you can also setup a sidebar for you guide by either adding sidebar: 'auto' (see Vuepress frontmatter).

Changelog and scheduled changes

In the docs/changelog folder you will find recent changes and schedules ones. You can copy one of the existing changelogs to see it in action. Each changelog can have a list of components (usually the APIs they refer to) and change_types (like New, Action Required, Updated, Deprecation). We automatically resolve changelogs from the future into the scheduled changes.

It is recommended to add a changelog item if you want to promote a feature or if you want to introduce breaking changes.

Diagrams with Mermaid.js

For diagrams you can use mermaid.js:

Alice->John: Hello John, how are you?
loop every minute
  John-->Alice: Great!

To work effectively, it is recommended to use the live editor.


There are many features coming with Vuepress. If the markdown options is not enough, you can also add custom Vue Components. Please have a look to the Vuepress Documentation for more details.


The deployment is automatically triggered in heroku with every push to main.