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Zebrium Inc

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  1. Forked from prometheus/prometheus

    The Prometheus monitoring system and time series database.

    Go 22 1

  2. GKE cluster using Litmus Chaos Engine to validate Zebrium's unsupervised Machine Learning incident detection platform

    Python 17 11

  3. This is the remote server that runs in the cloud, which pairs with local prometheus server.

    Go 13 1

  4. DEPRICATED: Zebrium's log collector for Kubernetes environments

    Mustache 10 3

  5. ze-cli Public

    Zebrium's command line interface for uploading log events for automated anomaly detection.

    Perl 2 2

  6. Zebrium's fluentd output plugin sends the logs you collect with fluentd to Zebrium for automated anomaly detection.

    Shell 2 2



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