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Shadow Daemon is a web application firewall that intercepts requests at the application level. This repository contains the main component of Shadow Daemon that handles the analysis and storage of requests.


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Use cmake to configure and prepare the project. It is a good idea to create a separate directory for this. A typical installation might look like this.

mkdir build
cd build


If cmake is successful it creates a makefile. Use it to compile and install the project.

make shadowd
make install


Install and configure a database server. At the moment shadowd officially supports PostgreSQL and MySQL. Afterward, create a new user and database for shadowd and import the correct layout.

If you are using PostgreSQL you can use psql to import the layout.

psql -Ushadowd shadowd < /usr/share/shadowd/pgsql_layout.sql

If you are using MySQL you can use mysql to import the layout. The user requires the CREATE ROUTINE privilege.

mysql -ushadowd -p shadowd < /usr/share/shadowd/mysql_layout.sql


The installer copies the configuration file to /etc/shadowd/shadowd.ini. The file is annotated and should be self-explanatory.