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Notification retrieval.
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Fetcher is for developers working with Zencoder. If Zencoder can't notify your server when a job has completed, like if you're at localhost:3000, Fetcher can get the responses and push them to the server for you.

If you are testing notifications you can use the URL


to create a successful notification.


Run with the

zencoder_fetcher [options] API_KEY


  • –url, -u: URL to post the Zencoder notification (default: localhost:3000)

  • –loop, -l: Run the notifier in a loop.

  • –interval, -n <i>: Check every n seconds. (Default: 60)

  • –count, -c <i>: Number of notifications to retrieve per page. (Default: 50)

  • –page, -p <i>: The page to load. (Default: 1)

  • –since, -m <i>: Load notifications starting since n minutes ago.

  • –api_version, -v: The API version to use. (Default: v2)


Copyright © 2010 Zencoder Inc. See LICENSE for details.

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