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Computer vision library, server & container, ready for usage by companies and developers
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Face analysis & Object detection API

This project provides an API for face detection, sentiment analysis and object detection that can be easily used by developers in custom-made applications.

The models are based on state of the art computer vision libraries.

A REST API allows for the training and usage of the models.

It runs eithers locally on the machine or in a docker container.

Environnement Setup & Installation


On a Ubuntu 16.04 terminal, while in the repository's directory, launch sudo bash, installation of all necessary tools would be underway after you enter your root password.

Support for Windows and MacOS coming soon.

Using Docker

In progress

Library Usage Guide

The library contains the Python code used for model training and prediction. Library usage and documentation here.

API Usage Guide

The API allows access to the different features of the library. API usage and documentation here

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