@zenovich zenovich released this Sep 25, 2015

More info and documentation at http://zenovich.blogspot.com/2015/10/runkit-1.0.4.html

 New features:
     + PHP 5.4, 5.5, and 5.6 are now fully supported
     - PHP 4.x is not supported anymore
     + Closures are now accepted by runkit_function_add, runkit_function_redefine, runkit_method_add, and runkit_method_redefine
       This feature works in PHP 5.3 and above.
     + Introduced new function "runkit_default_property_remove" (Thanks to Juhan Kundla)
     + Ability to add non-scalar default properties was added
     + Magic methods __isset, __unset, __callStatic, serialize, unserialize, debugInfo and __toString are now supported.
     + Functions runkit_class_adopt & runkit_class_emancipate now change class-hierarchy (issue #13)
     + Adding and redefining functions and methods, which return references, were fully implemented
       New optional argument 'return_ref' of functions runkit_function_add and runkit_function_redefine was introduced
       New constant RUNKIT_ACC_RETURN_REFERENCE was introduced for use with functions runkit_method_add and runkit_method_redefine
     + Properties adding, removing, and importing were reworked for proper inheritance (including objects in PHP5+)
     + A new constant RUNKIT_OVERRIDE_OBJECTS was introduced. Use it by bitwise adding to the flags parameter
       of functions runkit_default_property_add and runkit_import to add (and remove) properties of existing objects.
       This feature works in PHP 5.x and above and it is switched off by default.
     + New (the third one) parameter remove_from_objects of boolean type was introduced
       in runkit_default_property_remove function. Pass the TRUE value to remove property from existing objects.
       This feature works in PHP 5.x and above. The default value for this parameter is FALSE.
     + Namespaces are fully supported by constants manipulation functions (Thanks to Antony Dovgal)
     + Allow disabling of allow_url_include in a Runkit_Sandbox (PHP >= 5.2) (Thanks to Sara Golemon)
     + New optional argument 'doc_comment' of functions runkit_method_add, runkit_method_redefine, runkit_function_add,
       and runkit_function_redefine was introduced to specify doc_comments.
     + Preserve doc_comments on copying and redefining functions and methods.

 Critical fixes:
     * Highly probable crashes on using Reflection objects after modifying removing or renaming of functions, methods, and properties,
       for which those Reflection objects have been instantiated, were eliminated
     * Crash on sandbox creation when register_globals is switched on was fixed
     * Building and working with PHP4 were fixed
     * Crash on syntax error in source file importing with runkit_import was fixed
     * The possible crash on manipulating constants having length less than two characters was eliminated
     * Crash after using runkit_class_adopt when inherited methods access properties of the parent class (issue #59)
     * Crash on calling renamed private/protected method (issue #64)
     * Crash when copied function contains finally (issue #77) (Thanks to Antony Dovgal)
     * Lists of directories in open_basedir sandbox setting are now supported

     * All ways of adding and removing magic methods and old-style constructors
       were reworked and corrected (Thanks to Anthony Dovgal for issues #35, #57, and #79).
     * Side effect of redefining, adding and removing class constant (Issue #25) was eliminated
     * Adding of non-lowercase default properties was fixed (removed lowercasing)
     * Skip the leading slash in class names
     * Copying, redefining, and renaming of functions were reworked
     * Converting of input parameters (class names & function names) to lowecase was eliminated
     * runkit_method_redefine function now sets the 'prototype' field for the method
       and its descendants (Thanks to Anthony Dovgal)
     * Freeing already freed memory on importing of a non-existent file was eliminated
     * A test for correctness of runkit.superglobals feature was added
     * Tests for correctness of inheritance of properties were added
     * Tests for correctness of adding static properties were added
     * Bug 57649 (https://bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=57649) has been fixed without apathy ;)
       Thanks to Sara Golemon for tests.
     * Importing class extending another class was fixed (Issue #48) (thanks to mido0258)
     * User-defined functions should remain after Runkit's shutdown
       (thanks to Sara Golemon for code and to https://github.com/cobrafast for test)
     * Restoring of misplaced internal functions was corrected (issue #63)
     * Delete temporary function on errors of adding/redefining methods
     * runkit_method_add, runkit_method_copy, and runkit_method_rename now override derived methods (issue #62)

 Build system improvements:
     * PEAR Channel zenovich.github.io/pear was introduced for releasing new packages
     * Declarations after statement were restricted during compiling
     * Warnings now will be treated as errors
     * All tests now succeed under valgrind
     * A compilation bug (with gcc 4.3+), caused by wrong definition of internal function,
       was fixed (Thanks to Reeze Xia)

Runkit 1.0.3

@zenovich zenovich released this Sep 25, 2015

 License was changed to the BSD License (3 Clause)
 Main bug-fixes:
     * Building on windows-platform was fixed.
     * The issue with inheritance of methods, which have been created by the runkit_method_rename function, was fixed.
     * Fixed dumb bug in workarounds based on php-version.

Runkit 1.0.2

@zenovich zenovich released this Sep 25, 2015 · 149 commits to master since this release

Disappointing incompatibility issue with php 5.3+ in untested code was fixed.

Runkit 1.0.1

@zenovich zenovich released this Sep 25, 2015 · 152 commits to master since this release

 New features:
     + The patch made by David Sklar was applied to support creation and changing of static methods.
       The new user-level const "RUNKIT_ACC_STATIC" was introduced.
     + An ability to import static class properties was added.
       The new user-level const "RUNKIT_IMPORT_CLASS_STATIC_PROPS" was introduced.
     + An ability to apply a closure to a sandbox in PHP 5.3+ by calling the call_user_func method was added.

 Main bug-fixes:
     * Fixes of issues with importing constant arrays into properties and constants
     * Fixes of issues with importing functions or methods having static variables inside them
     * The behaviour that old methods had been always overridden by new ones independently from
       the RUNKIT_IMPORT_OVERRIDE flag was corrected
     * Compatibility with 5.3+ in zts mode
     * runkit_function_* functions were fixed with the patch from Keisial at gmail dot com
       (see the second comment from http://pecl.php.net/bugs/bug.php?id=14086)
     * The reverting of protected methods via runkit_method_copy was corrected, the segmentation fault
       on calling restored method was eliminated
     * Elimination of the segmentation-fault on exit after restoring modified internal functions
       (see also http://pecl.php.net/bugs/bug.php?id=11632)
     * Correction for the situation when a method or function having static variables in itself
       and copied by runkit crashes afterwards on calling if the original method or function was removed
     * The issue that the runkit used to create new methods with lowercase names was fixed, tests were extended
     * Methods' prototype detection was fixed