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Zephyr Group Calendars

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Zephyr Project Group Calendars

Group calendars are managed within Zephyr mail lists with each sub-group (mail list) having a unique calendar. Meeting invites from these group calendars are sent to the applicable sub-group mail list. In order to see the various group calendars you must:

Subscribing to the Zephyr Project Group Calendars

You can directly subscribe to the Zephyr Project Groups Calendar to stay in sync with meetings and events.

  • Scroll down below the calendar itself
  • Click on the "Subscribe to Calendar" button
  • Copy the iCal link from the pop up
  • Add it as a subscribed calendar to your preferred mail tool

Screenshot #1:

Screenshot #2:

Note: You can subscribe within Zephyr Project Groups Calendar in for all the sub-groups you belong to (at or individually by sub-group calendar.

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