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Developers can create additional sensor configurations which allow Zephyr-based applications to run on other target systems.

Sensor Subsystem Documentation

The following sensors are currently supported:

Supported Sensors

Temperature and Humidity
Sensor Type
BME280 Humidity, Pressure and Temperature
DHTxx Temperature and Humidity
Grove Temperature Sensor
HDC1008 Humidity and Temperature
HP206C Altitude, Pressure and Temperature
HTS221 Humidity and Temperature
LPS22HB Pressure and Temperature
LPS25HB Pressure and Temperature
MCP9808 Temperature
NRF5 Temperature
SHT31-D Temperature and Humidity
TH02 Temperature and Humidity
TMP007 Contact-less Infrared Thermopile
TMP112 Temperature Sensor with Alert Function
Accelerometer, Gyroscope and Magnetometer
Sensor Type
AK8975 Magnetometer
BMA280 Accelerometer
BMC150 Accelerometer and Magnetometer
BMG160 Gyroscope
BMI160 Inertial Measurement Unit
FXAS21002 Gyroscope
FXOS8700 Accelerometer and Magnetometer
HMC5883L Magnetometer
LIS3DH Accelerometer
LIS3MDL Magnetometer
LSM6DS0 Accelerometer and Gyroscope
LSM9DS0 Accelerometer, Gyroscope and Magnetometer
MPU6050 Accelerometer and Gyroscope
Sensor Type
ISL29035 Infrared and Ambient Light
Grove Light Sensor
MAX30101 Pulse Oximeter and Heart Rate Sensor
MAX44009 Ambient Light Sensor with ADC
Sensor Type
SX9500 Proximity
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