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A command-line frontend for Veloren
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Teloren ('Telnet' + 'Veloren')

Teloren is an ANSI-compatible terminal frontend to Veloren, the multiplayer RPG voxel game written in Rust. Teloren is currently still very much a work in progress and I strongly recommend you play with the 3D frontend first.

alt text


Start Teloren using the following arguments:

teloren --alias YOUR_ALIAS

Optionally, you may also specify --server and --port arguments to play on something other than the main public server.


Currently implemented

  • World rendering
  • Basic movement

To be implemented

  • Chat
  • Build mode
  • Lighting
  • Alias overlays, HUD


Veloren's engine has been deliberately designed in an extremely modular manner. As a result, graphical frontends are entirely decoupled from the client library itself, and so writing alternative frontends for the game is actually quite easy.

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