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  • Clojure 1.5.1
  • Java 7 (needed to parse all the Clojure core files properly)

Getting Started

NB this project is due to be replaced soon - please see for more information

To run a local version of Clojuredocs please follow the instructions at

Import Clojure library

To import a Clojure library into your local version:

git clone
cd clojuredocs-analyzer
lein run "path/to/library"

Import Clojure Core

To import Clojure core into your local version is more involved:

First, clone Clojure to somewhere on your machine

git clone
cd clojure

Then checkout the tag that you want to import

git checkout clojure-1.5.1

Then clone this analyzer as before:

git clone
cd clojuredocs-analyzer

Then make sure that the parse-clojure-core function in src/cd_analyzer/core.clj matches the version number you are importing. eg -

Then run lein repl to bring up a prompt and run the following commands

(use 'cd-analyzer.core)
(run-update-clojure-core "path/to/clojure/on/my/filesystem")


EPL 1.0

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