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A Gradle plugin to publish GitHub releases with build artifacts


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This is a Gradle plugin (currently working but very un-polished) to publish GitHub releases with artifacts from a Gradle build.


Apply the plugin:

plugins {
  id("ca.stellardrift.publish-github-release") version "0.1.0"

This plugin requires a semi-modern version of Gradle (we only really test on 8.x), and Java 11 to run.

A simple configuration looks something like this:

githubRelease {
  val changelogFile = project.findProperty("changelog")
  apiToken = providers.gradleProperty("githubToken")

  // tag is inferred from the head tag (see below)
  repository = "user/project"
  releaseName = "MyProject v$version"
  releaseBody = project.provider { changelogFile?.let(::file)?.readText(Charsets.UTF_8) }

Currently we fail if a release already exists -- a good feature PR would be to allow adding files to an existing release.

Determining the tag

By default, this plugin will only pick up tags when run from a GitHub event via the GITHUB_REF environment variable. Any Gradle plugin that provides git integration can be used to automatically provide a tag for releasing against. For example, with indra-git:

githubRelease.tagName.set(project.provider {
  indraGit.headTag()?.run { org.eclipse.jgit.lib.Repository.shortenRefName(name) }


We'd welcome PRs expanding on functionality or improving documentation! The publish-github-release plugin is licensed under the GNU LGPL v3 or later, and all contributions must be released under these terms.