Asynchronous loading and creation of google maps
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Asynchronous loading and creation of google maps

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Why use this module?

I wrote this module to have the simplest possible public API and to handle the common case of waiting to add things to the map until it is idle. It is also targeted at making the creation of multiple map instances easier to manage, since each call to create will return a promise. There is another library you can use if you don't like mine.

Additionally, I have focused on code readability, test quality, and attempted to make this an easy module to TDD with as a dependency. You can easily stub the API, instead of having to verify properties of the module itself. TDD is a passion of mine.

Not fully baked yet

I have yet to include the options for the business version, but I expect to include that in the next release.

Running tests

This module is 100% test-driven. Please feel free to run the tests and critique them.

  1. Install io.js (needed for jsdom)
  2. git clone ...
  3. npm i
  4. npm test


This is a pure commonjs module with no production dependencies. I recommend using either webpack or browserify to build.

See the wiki for usage examples.


API documentation can be found here.


This library leverages the ES6 promise implementation, which is currently available in most modern browsers. If you wish to use it with browsers that do not support the ES6 promise implementation, then I recommend using a polyfill.


I have intentionally limited the production dependencies of this module, so you are not forced to use a particular library.