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This repository contain the gcc, which is adapted for CPU, the worlds smallest 32 bit CPU with GCC toolchain.

ZPU toolchain source code

The ZPU toolchain is too big to be hosted together with the HDL and the idea is that most HDL or normal users would not want to download and build their own toolchain.

ZPU build instructions to build unstable on linux (same for CygWin32)

git clone
cd toolchain/toolchain
tar -cjvf zpugcclinux_unstable.tar.bz2 install 

Build a different version

git log => shows log entries
git checkout 322875263beccb1d75936bd1dd9150c1647dc9c0 => checkout a version
Note that is only present in the later versions, but that it should work fine for those versions in git where it is absent. 

Cygwin build problems

If you are having problems building with Cygwin, try erasing the entire c:\cygwin folder and try again.