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About stop


We want to have this project be in "kiosk". These instructions are intended for a Mac which does not have a "kiosk" mode.

  1. System configuration
    • Create a new user
    • Setup that user to login automatically on startup
    • Login/restart as your new user
    • Setup wifi or other internet connection
    • Update system software, then turn off automatic updates
    • Turn off screen saver
    • Set background to black
    • Hide dock
    • Turn off location services (this uses bandwidth)
    • Disable remote receiver
    • Make sure the computer and display does not sleep
    • Turn off "Put harddrive to sleep"
    • Turn off "Allow power button to computer to sleep"
    • Turn on "Start up automatically after a power failure"
    • Turn on "Restart automatically if the computer freezes"
  2. If you are using an external display, like a TV or projector.
    • Go to Display Preferences. Arrange it so the external display, where the project will be displayed on, is to the left of the main display.
  3. Install applications
    • Google Chrome
    • LogMeIn (requires some set up, and is only a trial)
      • TeamViewer is free for personal use but uses much more bandwidth if that is a concern.
  4. Install Homebrew
    • Will require installing XCode Command Line tools
  5. Install dependencies:
    • brew install chromedriver node git
    • sudo easy_install pip && sudo pip install selenium
    • npm install http-server forever -g
  6. Get code: git clone && cd kittenbus
  7. Install Stele. The placement of Stele matters.
    • Get code: git clone kiosk/stele
    • Link configuration: ln -s ../../browser.cfg kiosk/stele/cfg/browser.cfg
  • Install Slate
    • Turn on the Accessibility API (done above).
    • cd /Applications && curl | tar -xz; cd -;
    • Link configuration: ln -s $(pwd)/kiosk/.slate ~/.slate
  1. Install cron file which is mainly used to restart each night.
    • crontab kiosk/kittenbus.cron
  2. Run on startup
    • Go to System Preferences > Users
    • Select the Login Items for your User
    • Add the kiosk/start.command
    • Add Slate (this is also an option in the application itself)



  • Transit map, copyright Kyril Negoda. No use without permission.
  • Animals logos and animations copyright Juxtaposition Arts apprentices. No use without permission.
    • "Face" sequence by Yupha Chang, Senior Graphics Lab Apprentice
    • "Puzzle" sequence by King Thao, Graphics Lab Apprentice
    • "Bubble Gum" sequence by Cassidy Bielawski, Graphics Lab Apprentice
    • 2-D Animation by Kenneth Rooker, Graphics Lab Lead
  • Other code, copyright Alan Palazzolo and contributors. Licensed under MIT license.